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Our mission: revolutionize disease research with a patient focused approach

Diagnosing rare disease is a challenging task: the average patient waits 7 years for a diagnosis. That's 7 years waiting for a treatment plan.

We are pushing the limits of genomic research to revolutionize this diagnostic odyssey and catalyze clinical breakthroughs.

Plavi Mittal, Founder & CEO


"Diagnosis is the first step of any treatment plan. Without precisely understanding a patient’s unique health factors, even the best physician struggles to provide first-rate care. Millions of patients suffering from rare diseases do not receive an accurate diagnosis for years after they begin experiencing symptoms. This life-threatening delay of care is unacceptable to me. It is unacceptable because doctors are stuck in a system that restricts the best medical care from certain patient groups; it is unacceptable because patients are not given the information required to seek these tools on their own; it is unacceptable because the technology and knowledge required to provide a conclusive diagnosis and targeted treatment plan already exist. IDD strives to upend the long and expensive traditional diagnostic process and replace it with a fast and simple program that is free to all patients. Genomic analysis has the power to provide a definitive diagnosis and gathers data critical to develop treatments for rare neurological diseases. I am driven to challenge the status quo and raise the standard of care for patients suffering from undiagnosed or rare diseases to precision medicine."

- PJM 2017

A record of advancing clinical research

After a family member was diagnosed with a rare muscular dystrophy, LGMD2B/Miyoshi muscular dystrophy, Dr. Mittal helped create the Jain Foundation. Over the last 12 years, she has led the JF team as President & CEO, and together they partnered with dysferlinopathy researchers to realize gene therapy clinical trials and the hope for a cure. Repeatedly, Dr. Mittal has seen patients with rare disease struggle to reach a diagnosis and find a treatment best for them, despite the scientific breakthroughs advancing therapies for their condition.

Through In-Depth Diagnostics, Dr. Mittal will continue to support the mission of the Jain Foundation while addressing this larger patient need by providing genome-level sequencing and analysis. IDD's national diagnostic program is an unprecedented effort that will raise standards for diagnosing rare diseases and also fuel a research consortium focused on improving clinical care.

Learn how the Jain Foundation is building hope for LGMD2B patients

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