You, first


Know what you are (or aren't) fighting.

Become engaged with the medical community to stay current with the latest findings on your condition.


Find strength in numbers.

Your disease is rare; you're not alone. Learn from and support other patients like you.


Join the In-Depth family. 

We're here to see you through to the end of your diagnostic odyssey, and by learning from you we can all help future patients.

In-Depth & Patients

Know your rights

We get it, most patients have more to think about than the details of a consent form. Our team is available to help you understand exactly how and why IDD will use your information and keep your identity protected.

Understand your diagnosis

 We tailor your genomic analysis to your unique symptoms and history; our genetic counselors work one-on-one to break down the complex information you'll receive on your diagnostic report.


We can't do it all, and that's okay.

When you join the IDD family, you get streamlined access to national experts who can provide th emost current and in-depth information about your condition. 

Don't fear the unknown

Sometimes WGS uncovers unpleasant information separate from your diagnosis, such as increased cancer risk. We believe that confronting this scary possibility with a supportive team allows you to make 100% personalized about your treatment plan.

Push research

You're not alone just because you have a rare disease. Join other patients living with symptoms like yours to demand more from researchers. By gathering data from our patients, IDD can spark research for hundreds of conditions.

Continuous engagement

Join our family - remain updated with the latest information about your diagnosis, emerging clinical trials, and research projects. When patients stay in touch we're with you every step of the way.

Patient Services

Genetic Counseling

IDD's Genetic Counselors are specifically trained for the needs of rare disease patients

Our expansive network of Genetic Counselors is accessible to patients in all 50 states

Patient Hotline

Questions about our program? Don't understand your report? 

Call our hotline to reach a team member that can point you in the right direction


Check back later for interactive webinars where we bring the experts to you

Our consortium of advocacy groups and researchers unites leaders in many areas of rare disease and patient support

Patient to Patient Networking

Use IDD to connect with patients like you

Learn more about what to expect from your journey

Curated Educational Materials

We're building a database on our website where you can learn it all:

From basic biology to expert opinions, we condense and share the best information from the best sources