Our Team

Plavi Mittal, PhD

Founder & CEO

Plavi created IDD to expand upon a diagnostic program she launched as CEO of the Jain Foundation. Her sole focus is providing diagnosis to all patients in need while taking every opportunity possible to push forward research that will be meaningful to patients.

Plavi earned a PhD in Biology from Brandeis University and conducted postdoctoral research in molecular oncolgoy at Harvard Medical School. She has worked for a global consulting firm and led the Jain Foundation for 12 years.

Miriam Chilton

Chief Operating Officer

Miriam directs the development of IDD's WGS program. Her work keeps the WGS program secure, efficient, and optimized for the patient.

Miriam earned her degrees in English Literature and History from Lancaster University in the UK.  She has previous experience in the nonproft sector, and she oversaw the Jain Foundation's genetic diagnostic program.

Nicole Bowman

Scientific Program Officer

Nicole works to poise IDD as a leader in the field of clinical genetics and contributes to overall foundation strategy.

Nicole earned an MS in Neuroscience from the Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania where her research designed quantitative proteomic methods to unpack the genetics of psychiatric disease.

Monkol Lek, PhD

Broad Institute of Harvard & MIT

Monkol's analytical expertise in human disease genetics informs IDD's  research strategy.

Monkol works as a senior analyst on three projects spanning work conducted by Massachusettes General Hospital and the Broad Institute: the Exome Aggregation Consortium (ExAC), a large consortium of undiagnosed rare muscle disease (SEQ-NMD and MYO-SEQ), and the he leads a team at the NIH Center for Mendelian Genomics (CMG).

Alice Whittemore, PhD

Stanford University

 Alice's expertise in statistical genomics guides research and discovery from IDD's genomic data. 

 Alice is a Professor of Health Research and Policy in Epidemiology and Biomedical Data Science at Stanford School of Medicine. Her research focuses on statistical methods for genetic association studies in cancer and other diseases.

Madhuri Hegde, PhD

PerkinElmer Genetics

Madhuri directs the laboratory responsible for clinical-grade genome sequencing, anaysis, and diagnostic report generation.

Madhuri is the VP of Lab Services and CSO of PerkinElmer's Genomic Lab Services. She has over 20 years' experience developing novel high throughput sequencing methods and is actively engaged in the working groups of the ACMG to define national standards for clinical genetics.

Chamindra Konersman, MD

UCSD - Rady Children's Hospital

Chamindra helps refine the IDD-physician relationship, making sure that the clinical assessment form is comprehensive and accessible.

Chamindra is a practicing physician at Rady Children's Hospital and Associate Professor of Neurosciences at UC San Diego.

Nilah Ioannidis, PhD

Stanford University

Nilah's expertise in human genomics and biophysics guides IDD's genomic research strategy.  

Nilah is a postdoctoral researcher in Genetics and Biomedical Data Science at Stanford School of Medicine, where she develops methods for clinical interpretation of personal genomes, including variants of unknown significance. 

Matthew Wicklund, MD

UC Denver

Matthew's patient-centered philosophy as a practicing physician guides IDD's patient outreach and advocacy strategy.

Matthew is a practicing physician and Professor and Director of the Clinical Neuromuscular Pathology Program at the University of Colorado School of Medicine.

Robert McGarr, PhD

Fred Hutch Cancer Research Center

Robert's  expertise as a liaison between industry, research, and nonprofits guides IDD's long-term business development.

Robert was recently the Senior Director of Immunotherapy Operations and Alliance Management at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center. 

Matthew Harms, MD

Columbia University

Matthew's expertise in rare and orphan muscular dystrophies guides IDD's patient-focused mission.

Matthew is an Assistant Professor and practicing physician at Columbia University and active researcher at the Institute for Genomic Medicine.

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